Sunday, August 24, 2014

Style Icon: Kate Bush

I love Kate Bush's atmospheric, dramatic, operatic music. It is so '80s and so is her leotard-heavy style, and that's what makes it so great.

I wore a lot of leotards in the '80s too. I loved, loved, loved me some leotards back in elementary school. Then in the '90s, leotards started being called "body suits," and I loved those too. Kate Bush obviously shared my inclination. She also really loved tall boots, and who can blame her?

Such great boots! This is my favorite Kate Bush style -- lots and lots of hair, jeans, boots and a casual white top. 

Kate Bush wasn't all '80s dancer/sex kitten. She was also mystical, woodland fairy. Hence the ivy head wear.

And the loose, flowy opposite-of-leotards dresses she liked.

The '80s were a time of heavy makeup, and I love Kate Bush' pouty red lips. I discovered her during my Tori-Amos obsessed phase in high school. "You like Tori Amos, well you'll like Kate Bush" I was told, and it was true. The two ladies, while definitely both originals, also had a lot in common -- fairy style, serious lipsticked lips, melodic piano-playing, dramatic lyrics, soaring voices.

Kate Bush just wore way more dance wear. As seen here:


Isabella said...

I LOVE KATE BUSH! She is a real genius, and I appreciate so much that she was sexy, pretty, imaginative, and brilliant all at once, showing that those attributes do not contradict each other.



Fiona said...

Have always loved Kate Bush and remember when Wuthering Heights entered the charts and nobody had ever heard anything like her... nobody has come close since either.
She is true to herself, she writes music that interests her, intelligent, thought provoking, cerebral music and lets not forget she was bloody sexy and beautiful.