Sunday, August 10, 2014

Style Icon: Bjork

My sister was recently in Iceland for a month. That's right: Iceland. Who goes to Iceland? My sister. She was there when I had Thomas, and we skyped so she could see his cute baby face. During the conversation, she told me that she had seen Bjork while swimming in an Icelandic bath, and I was like "NO WAY" all loud and stuff and startled my baby like crazy. Thomas was like "Mom, take it down a notch," but I could not take it down a notch because my sister had seen Bjork -- the only celebrity who lives in Iceland (as far as I know) and a fantastic musician. High school had a pretty Bjork-heavy soundtrack for both myself and my sister. So yes, it was so exciting my sister saw her randomly in real life just going about her bathing business!

Most people probably know Bjork thanks to her Oscar swan dress, but she's so much more than that! She is swirly hair-dos and bright colors and, yes, a whole lot of strange.

Bjork is one of those people who always seems to march to the beat of her own drum. She didn't really seem to "play the game" if you know what I mean. (Case in point: the Oscar swan dress.) Instead, she just made her music and wore her clothes and was an odd, artistic genius -- the best kind of artistic genius there is!


Fiona said...

I like a bit of Bjork myself, a refreshing change she was/is. Did you know that Iceland has the best diet in the world according to a tv programme I saw recently. The US and UK came woefully way down the list.

Jacqueline Stewart said...

yes! Bjork is so awesome and this is a great collection of her style! x

Winter Moon said...

Bjork's a cutie <3

Isabella said...

I LOVE Bjork's music and style! She is so fantastically unique. I've also been to Iceland - it's a weird and wonderful place, and I'd love to go back!