Saturday, August 2, 2014

Style Icon: Joni Mitchell

I can thank my father for many things, and one of those things is Joni Mitchell. My dad has great taste in music, and he introduced me to all kinds of groovy '60s and '70s music growing up. One of my favorites? Joni Mitchell. Her album "Blue" is perfection, but I like it all (okay, I like the later jazzy stuff a little less, but I still like it).

You know how there are some style icons you can emulate, and then there are others whose style will never be similar to yours? Joni Mitchell's look is one I admire, but not one I imitate. She is a lanky, blonde hippie folksinger, and she's so good at it. It's not my look, but it's soooo great.

She's a '60s thinker with floaty hippie dresses or little miniskirts. She is always playing her guitar. She is always more than just another pretty face.

She's a musical legend folking-out in her beret with the boys.

Singing about clouds and trees and big yellow taxis and winter and so forth and so on. Wearing crochet with her long hair hanging down. That's the Joni Mitchell we love. (Although, I also love older, alto Joni Mitchell with her self portraits and wine and cats and rediscovered daughter. There really isn't a Joni Mitchell I don't love.)


Emmylou said...

I've never seen these pics before. She did have such a great hippie style. I'm obsessed with her song Both Sides Now:)

Connie said...

I love your style icon series. Just love it. And I love that your dad introduced you to Joni Mitchell. Your little munchkin is so fortunate to have such a fun and interesting mom. I can only imagine the things you will teach him. XXXoO

Isabella said...

When I was 15, Joni Mitchell was my everything, and I had my dad to thank for that, too! Her music still holds a special place in my heart - she really knows how to tell a story. The closest I've come to emulating her style was my lengthy beret phase in high school.


Sonya Mann said...