Monday, September 9, 2013

Another peasant blouse

I bought two peasant blouses during Saturday's epic thrift haul, and this was one of them. It carries on the summer of the peasant blouse. (Fall, I see you up ahead! Don't think I don't notice you! I'm super stoked!)

One of the things I love about peasant blouses is the feminine, adorable details so many of them have. Look at those little, embroidered flowers! Look at the gorgeous lace-like sleeves!

Okay, now we have to talk about something serious. We're going to talk about hypocrisy. My hypocrisy. I should apologize for it. I should change my ways. I should stop judging others... But here's the thing: I'm actually okay with tiny pony-tails as long as they're on women. In fact, I love messy, tiny pony-tails on women. On myself specifically. So, yeah, I had a tiny pony tail this weekend.

And then my husband was like "Didn't you JUST blog about how much you hate tiny pony tails?" And I didn't really have a defense besides "I like them on chicks! Just not on dudes! Only on chicks!" I guess I'm a little bit sexist that way. And maybe a hypocrite. A hypocrite with a tiny, tiny pony tail. Hey, I'm just excited my hair is long enough to be pulled back now!

So to conclude: Peasant blouses are great. Summer is still here, but fall is a-coming. And, yes, I have a double-standard when it comes to tiny pony-tails, and I feel a little hypocritical, but I can't change how I feel, you know? I can't change how I feel. (I went to Italy when I was 18 on a school trip with my then-boyfriend and we broke up in Rome and he spent the whole trip with a stupid tiny pony tail that I HATED and that is the genesis of my tiny-pony-tail hatred. There. I feel better now that I've shared.)


Sam said...

Lol, thanks for sharing your cute story, tiny ponytails are fine on girls, its the guys that make it seem a little weird. The peasant top is so pretty, looks great hun!

Sandra said...

brutal Roman breakup, no wonder!, I am sporting a mini ponytail with my hair bow today, simple and easy I like, the peasant blouse is especially pretty, with pretty straps and detail no wonder you like them, I like them too! x x

Emmylou said...

*whispers* I have a double standard with tiny pony tails too. I mean, even Brad Pitt, who I love, looks kinda nasty with it :O
And I like that blouse a lot:)

Winter Moon said...

Of all the peasant blouses you've shown so far, this is my favourite : )

I'm sorry about your break-up in Rome. I hope it didn't ruin your trip too much.

You should have snipped his stupid tiny pony tail clean off!

My other half has a pony tail (a long one though).
I like them on both men and women : )

Liz said...

Very pretty blouse and your hair looks nice tied back.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Laura Go said...

I love the little flowers on that top! They're so sweet! And I'm so excited for fall too!

Jane said...

:) your tiny pony-tail hatred story is hilarious. and the shirt is super cute and looks good on you!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I actually think tiny ponytails look pretty cute on both guys and gals. By the way, very cute shoes and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Come to the iFabbo Blogger Conference in San Francisco!

Jessica said...

You look beautiful. I love your blouse.

Tracy @

Lenya said...

Now I totally understand why you hate tiny-pony-tails on men, lol. OK let me share a secret, I can't stand them either. On men. You look pretty with your tiny-pony-tail. Cute blouse. I love your sunglasses. They are cool.
Have a lovely day

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great look!

Melanie said...

About tiny ponytails on men: I think they come a close second to the comb-over, but only if the ponytail is not being used as a comb-over substitute. Peasant tops are girly treats that we all need.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Did i got out with a guy with a pony tail? My son had pony tail not bad but not my fav either -

Cute blouse!

Ariane xo

Lisa said...

Pony tails on men aren't a great look, you are so right.
Peasant blouses aplenty for the wardrobe is also very right.
Lisa x