Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maize Maze

I can scratch number 5 off my Fall To-Do List! We visited a corn maze this weekend, and it was fall-tastic!

It was a date day with my husband so, you know, I was trying to look cute. Robert's a fan of this (thrifted) heart-print dress, and so am I! And so was a random chick in the corn maze who told me she loved it. Thanks random chick! 

So I have no sense of direction whatsoever. Zero spatial reasoning. That's not so much my thing. What is my thing? Corn/sky combos. Oh, America! You are beautiful!

And I really wanted to do the maze despite my lack of being able to get anywhere ever without a GPS, but I also had a little anxiety. Like: What if I got lost in the maze? What if I I couldn't find my way out and it got dark and cold and I was tired and hungry and thirsty? What if I just walked in circles forever and ever ever. What if? 

But I had a flag to wave just in case I actually did get lost and then the nice maze people would save me. I also had Robert as a partner, and that man can make his way through a maze! Excellent spatial reasoning. A strong and powerful sense of direction! So it ended up I had zero anxiety (although I rarely had any clue where I actually was in the context of the amazing maze).

Basically, I just enjoyed the view. Cornflowers! Butterflies! Giant billowing clouds in a beautiful blue sky! My handsome husband holding a flag!

And I clearly ditched the cardigan because, while it may be fall, it still got pretty sunny and hot in that maze! We ended up walking for an hour and a half. We were adventurers. We were on a quest. We had goals, and we were going to accomplish them.

And we made it to the end! Yay! Corn maze conquered! Success!

The experience left me with the following questions: Why are you so pretty, corn maze? Why were you so unexpectedly filled with beauty? Why do you make me want to sing patriotic songs? 

Oh corn maze, you make me proud to be an American. (Only complaint: the flying grasshoppers. Those are scary to me. Grasshoppers should just hop short distances. They shouldn't be able to get up in my face.)


Emmylou said...

I've never been to a corn maze! Mazes scare me because it always reminds me of the movie The Shining...sigh....anyway, the blue sky in your gorgeous!

Michaela said...

We've got a lot of corn mazes in Romania, I haven't seen that many here in Finland, where I live now. Never walked in one though.. love your outfit, very pretty!

Sacramento Amate said...

I have only seen these fields in pictures. I bet it feels wonderful
Looking glorious in your polka dots.

Thrifted Shift said...

You are super cute in that dress! I also have a fear of corn mazes as well as a dislike of being rescued, so that's one thing I stay well away from!

Helga! said...

That IS the most darling print,and such a sweet frock!
Eeep, I can only think of Children of the Corn and that M Night Shyamalan (sp?!)film about the aliens when I look at corn fields!!! XXX

Sandra said...

you are cute!and so is your outfit! and you have showed me a maize maze!!! it's so cool! I didn't realise they grew so high?!! x x I love maize mazes!! x x

Jessica said...

You look adorable in your pictures. I have never been to a corn maze but I have always wanted to.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love your outfit, and I've always wanted to do a corn maze :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I went to a haunted Halloween corn maze at night a long time ago. Halfway through, I had to use the bathroom so bad and I couldn't get out and there were monsters and scary stuff that jumped at people all around. I finally just busted through the corn and hauled butt to the port-a-jon.

Jacqueline said...

looks like you had an awesome time, and a fun day :D love your heart print skirt it's adorable.

Lisa said...

I have wonderful memories of the one and only corn maze I have been in. I was there with my dearest dad, my nephew and my little boy. Oh how we laughed that day.
Glad you enjoyed your maze, despite the flying things.
Fab dress, random chick was right!
Lisa x
p.s corn fields remind me of Field of Dreams, love that movie so much.
Lisa x

Jane said...

i love your dress too! so cute. my husband wants to go to a corn maze! after reading your post i want to go too. i seriously had the same worry -- what if we get lost? will we look like fools? :) looks like it was lots of fun!

Laura Go said...

I haven't been to a corn maze (yet) but mostly because I'm super impatient and would probably be cussing my way out of the maze (if I find the way out) I can't believe your dress is thrifted! who would want to let go of such a cute frock?