Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall To Do List

It's officially fall. OFFICIALLY FALL! (Boots! Leaves! Fairs and fun!) And I have plans, people. I have some serious plans.

Fall To Do List:
1.  Carve a pumpkin
2.  Go camping
3.  Make s'mores
4.  Eat pumpkin pie
5.  Go to a corn maze
6.  Go to a fair
7.  Host Thanksgiving
8.  See the leaves in the mountains
9. Go hiking
10. Drink hot cider

(It's good to have goals.)


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

now that's a to-do list I would totally be able to commit to. I adore autumn! It's just too bad that it doesn't visually become autumn here until winter comes through. The leaves barely get a chance to turn. They stay green, the temperature finally drops in December and then they just freeze to death and fall off the trees. Sad!!

Leanne Cornelius said...

Great to do list :)
I plan on carving a pumpkin this year, I was going to do it last year but never did - this will be my year! x

Leanne - A Slice of My Life

Helga! said...

Wait, number 11: give Helga these amazing blue boots......!!!

Sandra said...

them boots! I love a lace-up boot! and a great to-do list, a corn maze? how cool is that, we have nothing like that gah! x x

Jane Y. said...

it's a great fall list!