Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Loving It

Lately I've been loving...

 1. The ocean, which is so gorgeous on gray days.

2. This bird agrees. He is into the stunning monochrome.

3. And so does this song.  (I mentioned it in my last post. It has been in my head for days.)

4. The ocean is pretty gorgeous on sunny days too. This is a shot from Robert's grandpa's Myrtle Beach, SC condo, 23 floors up on the last day of summer.

5. And while it's lovely to be able to put your feet in warm ocean water, I am so ready for fall. Summer has been really amazing, but the school year is already in full swing, and I'm itching for some sweater weather. Bring it on!


Sandra said...

beautiful pier and beach and it is a beautiful song too and yes too jumpers! x x

Winter Moon said...

I love beaches in Autumn - they're always deserted here.

poziomka said...

I love the first pic!!!

Lavender Loafers said...

Awesome place where you have been, song is very beautiful,

Thank you for lovely comments on my blog, Have a great rest of the week

Thrifted Shift said...

Your first photo is so lovely! I'm going to pin it!

Lisa said...

That first photo is stunning.
Love the hoodie in your other post.
Looking forward to jumpers and chunky scarves!
Lisa x