Friday, September 20, 2013

Tony Curtis

I love Tony Curtis. He's just so much trouble. Here are my three favorite Tony Curtis incarnations:

Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot

Tony Curtis starts out the movie as his normal dashing self. There he is on the left of Marilyn Monroe.

But he and Jack Lemmon witness a mob killing, and they dress up as women (Tony's on the left again) to get the hell out of Dodge (and by Dodge I mean Chicago and also they're part of an all-girl band, and really it's just one of the best comedies of all time).

But one get-up isn't enough! He also pretends to be a rich dude with a heavy eyeglass prescription. In all his looks in this movie, Tony Curtis is hilarious and adorable.

Tony Curtis in Sex and the Single Girl

In "Sex and the Single Girl," Tony Curtis is straight-up smooth and a bit sleazy. He's an undercover reporter trying to expose Natalie Wood who plays a Helen Gurly Brown kind of character. Oh man, I love '60s movies. So much.

So while he's not pretending to be a woman in this photo, he still ends up in a woman's robe. And rocks it, I might add. Natalie Wood is killer in this movie as well. That girl sure can wear a dress.

Tony Curtis on Roseanne 

The Tony Curtis in this '90s sitcom is not as smooth and sexy as the Tony Curtis of the '60s, but I still love him, and, hey, so do a lot of the ladies!


Winter Moon said...

He was quite a dish in his day : )

I love Some Like it Hot.

Sandra said...

Tony Curtis, I thought he was so magnetic, fun and yes, trouble, I spent many Saturdays watching his movies, oh Sparticus! x x

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Ah, I haven't seen these movies!

The Grande Dame said...

I wish I'd been young enough (or, make that, born!!) to flirt with Tony Curtis back in the day! Some Like it Hot is one of my favorite movies ever. His male-character accent was apparently based on Cary Grant which is actually quite believeable if you listen to Cary Grant for long enough!